Audio Reflection

How does sound drive stories? How does it impact mood and create atmosphere? How do the ideas in Abumrad’s videos relate here? Write a blog post on your thoughts on audio storytelling. Use specific examples and embed them in your post. Tag the post audioreflection. 

I honestly really enjoyed listening to “Moon Graffiti”. It was really interesting, and I got a lot of insight on the way that sound drives stories. I realized that sound is VITAL to the way that stories progress, as well as how realistic and intriguing these stories are. The use of sound impacts mood significantly, I mean, I was on my toes half the time with the use of sound in “Moon Graffiti”! It created a spine-chilling atmosphere at some points with its use of audio, and I’m impressed! Audio can also be used to create a nice and warm atmosphere, for example, the way that baby shows use audio to impact their mood by making it into a happy one!

Abumrad’s ideas relate here in the sense that the lack of pictures definitely somehow add to the story, simply by using audio! There is also an element of closer connection, I mean, while listening to “Moon Graffiti” I felt awfully close to the astronauts while they spoke to each other. It was weird, but I really enjoyed it. Abumrad’s absolutely right, there’s a reason that radio never dies.

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