Holiday Mashup

This four-star Mashup Assignment states “We all have favorite holidays, but sometimes it’s hard to pick just one! For this assignment, use a photo editing software like Pixlr or Photoshop to mashup your top THREE favorite holidays/cultural celebrations. Use whatever elements you would like from each holiday, creating a character or scene with the images/symbols you’ve chosen. Tell the story behind this character or image!”

So, let me show you what I did!

As soon as I saw this assignment on the assignments page, I FLEW to my computer and opened up Photoshop IMMEDIATELY. This is, by far, one of the more exciting assignments that I’ve been given the chance to do. I started by taking a cute little transparent PNG of a bunny and I slapped it on a Christmas-Wintery-themed background. After that, I just continued cutting out more PNGs and adding them strategically on or around the little bunny, so I could end up with a Valentine’s-Christmas-Easter Bunny! Isn’t it adorable?

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