How I Express Myself: A Final Project

For my final week’s project, I wanted to make it about something extremely meaningful to me. Yet at the same time, I also wanted it to be a way that I could showcase the abilities that I’ve acquired throughout this course. So, I decided to make my final week’s project about the way that I express myself and who I really am.

I am an extremely shy person of very few words, at least in person. Being able to express myself creatively through photo editing has given me the ability to communicate who I am to others in a way that words never could. My fashion style and aesthetic are both things that I am really proud of because I have put a lot of work into the person that I am today, both in my outward appearance and inside mentality.

This video is essentially an inside perspective on how I am able to make my style of art, and hopefully, it might inspire others to think about how they would like to express themselves creatively, as well!

To complete this project, I initially had to take a photoshoot by myself until I found a photo that I was satisfied with. I took that said photo to PicsArt, where I intricately cut myself out of the background. I then saved that single cut of myself, then pasted it onto a background of my choice. Of course, I had to edit the background first, since I wasn’t quite satisfied with the color. After that, I spent a while searching for specific clipart to add to the photo. I was going for a “Popteen Magazine” look, so I wanted as much detail added to the photo as possible. In the end, I think the photo looked adorable! I screen-recorded the entire process and took it to VideoLeap, where I fast-forwarded the audio up to SEVEN times faster than the original speed, and I added some nice background music. On top of that, I added a voiceover describing the entire process. Overall, I think it was a great tutorial!

It’s cute, isn’t it?

That’s the vibe I was going for, hehe.

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