Photo Mash

This four-star assignment states “Take 2 actors and mash them together into one photo. You can use Photoshop or Pixlr to do this. Make sure that they look like they belong in their setting and they look like they were actually together when the photo was taken (the colors match, the sizing is right, etc). Have fun with it!”

Now… This was my chance to have a lot of fun… Especially with current events, you can’t tell me I wasn’t fully justified in creating what I did!

Let me tell you how I did it. I ran to Photoshop and decided to find the most accurate picture of a Hispanic baby shower that I could find on the internet (I’m Hispanic, I know precisely what they look like). After I found a picture that satisfied me, I ran to Google Images and found a full-body photo of Chris Rock. Yes. The one of him at the Oscars. I then cut out his body from the photo, and pasted it neatly onto the baby shower photo. Of course, I had to edit the lighting and all that to make sure it blended in nicely, so I think it came out pretty well. THEN, I did the exact same thing… With Will Smith! I pasted him right across Chris Rock as neatly and happily as I could, and here are my results!

Great, no?

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