Project Ideas Update

So for this assignment, I have to take two other project ideas that other people have come up with and sort of build on those ideas. Expand on them. Make them different, better, worse, who knows! It’s all subjective. But let me tell you what I came up with.

In Naomi Jones’ project idea post, she talks about having a story that is about a woman who has escaped an abusive relationship and her life afterwards. The story is great! I love it! It’s extremely detailed and well-written, I’m impressed!

Now, as for a way that this story could go differently, I wanna add to the end of this story. I think it would be interesting if Trevor kidnapped Bella after having a confrontation with her. The story could go in great detail about how Trevor keeps Bella captive and brainwashes her over the course of a very long time (months, years, etc!) into becoming obedient. Eventually, Bella will have become the perfect subservient partner for Trevor. Now, they’re both happy! Happy ending, no?

In Amy’s project idea post, she describes having a book show! She wants to talk about different genres of books, the benefits of reading, summaries of different books, and even interview others about their favorite books! This is an amazing idea! I wish I had thought of this myself earlier…

Now, a way that I can think of spinning this idea is by including the addition of movies into this show. Not just any movies, though! The counterpart movies of each book! You could talk about the differences, similarities, whether one is better or worse than the other, etc! You could still include the part about interviewing others, they could also talk about their opinions on certain books and the movies that were made based on the book.

But that’s just my two cents.

2 comments on “Project Ideas Update

  • Olivia says:

    I like the idea you added to the book show idea. I think pairing the book with the movie adaptation would be super interesting!

  • Amy says:

    you’re a genius!! I love the idea of comparing the two. Whenever I read a book, and I know there’s a movie for it I almost immediately go and watch it. Thanks for the idea!!

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