Radio Bumper

This was my excellent attempt at making a radio bumper for DS106 radio. It definitely has some elements of my background into it, I mean, these are the kinds of radio bumpers I would hear all the time growing up as a kid. I think it’s fun. I think it’s different. It’s exciting, and who doesn’t want to hear this kind of stuff on the radio?

For those who are not of hispanic heritage, don’t you think this is rather unique? I definitely find it a bit different compared to the sort of radio bumpers you’d hear on American radio stations.

I was really excited to work on this because I managed to get my little sister in on it, too! Her voice is the last voice towards the very end of the audio. She was also ecstatic about being able to create something similar to what she’s heard on the radio all her life. A lot of hispanic radio stations will have their lil “presented by [insert soda/food company]” at the end of their bumpers, so I thought it was a neat detail.

Anyways, I’m really proud of this one. I hope you like it!

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