Tongue Twister

For this Audio Assignment, we had to say a tongue twister as fast as we possibly could and then add some nice background music to it.

Well, that’s mostly what I did. See, as we speak, I am currently about to board a 16 hour flight. I wasn’t about to record my own voice saying a tongue twister multiple times in the middle of a crowded and busy airport. So, what did I do, you ask?

Let me just tell you! I used a surrogate voice!

Yes, yes.. A surrogate voice! That’ll work perfectly!

I had my boyfriend record his voice at home doing the tongue twister and then send the recording to me. That way, I got to do all the editing in the waiting room using Audacity. Boom! It works out great. Now, here’s the result:

(By the way, the man in the photo is holding a GUITAR. Don’t be disgusting.)

Good, right? Especially for someone in an airport.

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