This is my attempt at a DesignBlitz of my own!

Throughout the week I went around DC and managed to take quite a few decent photos for this DesignBlitz assignment, as well as some pictures while I was just sitting around at home.

For this photo, I think that it portrays color rather well as a design element. The colors of the flower shop are really bright and beautiful, and they draw a really good amount of attention to the storefront. This is the first photo I took because it was the first photo that really stood out to me. It’s a great display of color in design because it definitely attracts a lot of people, which is great for its intended purpose. Wouldn’t you agree?

I think that this next photo is a great display of the typography element in design. The different fonts and uses of graffiti portray different messages to oncoming pedestrians, and they’re a rather nice decoration to a plain old cement wall. The graffiti says a lot about the neighborhood and the type of people that come around and decorate the city. While I think that graffiti is beautiful and that it is an amazing contribution of art by the people for their citizens, others may have a completely different interpretation. That is the great thing about design: it’s all about your own perspective.

This photo I took at ARTECHOUSE in DC, which, mind you, was an incredible experience. I think that this photo represents the use of minimalism in design rather well. There’s not too much stuff going on in the photo, and you can really focus on the main point of the design: the neuron. The colors are just as beautiful as the art, but I really do enjoy just seeing the empty background of stray neurons with a nice central neuron in the spotlight. Less is always more, no?

This other photo that I took at ARTECHOUSE is also a really good representation of balance. I like the way that everything is perfectly balanced and symmetrical with a nice central symbol, the egg. The color balance is also really pleasing, everything is some sort of white or grey-ish tone. This view was extremely pleasing to the eye and extremely effective at attracting an audience, I’m glad that I got this shot.

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