Self Wellness Check (Writing Assignment)

Personal wellness is important because it has to do with the choices you make to thrive in your personal life. It is actively improving many areas of yourself and life such as mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

What worries me most about the future ?

Honestly, I worry a lot about not being successful in the future. It is my biggest fear. I worry that any small failure can completely change the course of my life and turn me into a failure of a person with no achievements, proper career, or income. Every decision I make is in order to make sure I become a successful doctor later in life.

What am I doing about the things that matter most in my life?

I am constantly working and studying to make sure that I am both academically and financially successful. I cannot allow for any of my grades to fall below a certain level, or else I risk losing stability in life. Stability is among one of the most important things in my life. Everything must be stable and balanced, it is vital for my peace.

What do I want most in life?

I would do anything to be able to live a life where I do not have to worry about money. I want stability, and money creates financial stability. Sure, other things can make me happy, but nothing will ensure my safety and comfort the way that financial success will. I have lived under the poverty line for the entirety of my life, and I want to make sure that my future generations do not have to suffer the way I am.

When did I last push the boundaries of my comfort zone?

The last time I pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone is when I said “No” to someone. I am a heavy people-pleaser and a “yes-man”, so rejecting the requests of other people makes me extremely anxious and violently uncomfortable. I finally said “No” to a friend that was begging for me to take her to the airport in the middle of the night whenever I had class in the morning, and even though it hurt to say “No”, I felt so much better than I would have if I actually took her.

What goals do I need to have to get where I want to be?

I need to have high academic goals in order to get where I want to be. I want to be a doctor in the future, where I will not only have a career in a field that I find highly interesting, but I will also gain financial stability. I need to have goals of getting good grades, achieving scholarships, being an outstanding stood, etc. Everything to be a doctor.

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    This is such a cool assignment and a really good response! I am impressed by your vulnerability and honesty. Your blog itself is awesome! I love the background, the title is fantastic, and the setup is so well done. Even the site icon is awesome!

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