The Forrest Gump Project

“Good ole’ Forrest Gump. He always manages to find himself at the center of history, and using photo editing software, so can you. Find a historic photograph and place yourself into the scene, just like Forrest Gump.”

Recognize this photo? Yeah, I was there! It was me!

Honestly, doing these kinds of assignments has really improved my visual art skills. It takes quite a bit of skill and knowledge to be able to compose these kinds of photos, and it took me a while to really grasp onto the techniques. At first, I was thinking about doing something tame, kind of like a recent photo of some important political event, but I think that these sorts of photos with VERY powerful people and a teenage girl photoshopped in there with them really got me thinking. Even though it was gonna be a bit harder, I figured that the challenge is good! It’s a great way to learn more and get better at a skill.

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