Week 3

This week was honestly quite stressful. Normally, I’m sure that if I hadn’t gotten milk spilled on my laptop, I would have been able to have a grand old time completing assignments peacefully. Unfortunately, life is not like that.

On the other hand, the assignments were REALLY fun. I genuinely looked forward to being able to express my writing creativity and I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s assignments.

The Daily Creates were AWESOME. Just look at what I made!

Aside from the Daily Creates, I also had fun with the Writing Assignments. Those really made me think for a minute, and I’m glad they did!

And most importantly, I created my story outline. Personally, I think it’s great. This could really turn into something good! I’m proud of it, at least, and ultimately that’s all that matters. Right?

I’m happy that despite the fact that I had no access to my computer for the majority of the week, and even though that caused my assignments to pile up, I got the chance to complete my stuff on time. Especially since I had fun completing them.

I also really enjoyed commenting on other people’s posts, it gave me the opportunity to sort of ‘peek’ into their ideas and they inspired me for the posts of my own! It also motivated me to fix the appearance of my website… Some people’s websites just look REALLY good.. I’m jealous.

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