What if the Most Evil Person in History Decided to Come Back?

Idea: Stalin, Cesar Chavez, Kim Jong Un, Ivan The Terrible, Mussolini, ANY EVIL political figure, Bloody Mary, etc.

Setting: 50 years in the future more or less, still modern-era

Beginning: One of these evil figures somehow gets resurrected into modern-day, just wakes up randomly in the middle of DC (this is important)

Important checkpoints

-Meets a political sciences student in DC, ends up staying at his loft because the student genuinely thinks main character is really cool (and funny how they resemble evil political figure)

-Political science student goes around trying to get internships and stuff, meeting with other powerful political science students, all while main character tags along and also meets these people

-Main character ends up getting job with very powerful current political figure

-political science student starts realizing that something is off, maybe it is the ‘real’ evil past political figure (but he’s just thinking crazy, that can’t be possible, right?)

-Starts climbing up in his job, getting promoted, eventually actually becoming a real political figure

-people love main character, super popular because they actually resemble evil political past figure but think it’s funny, gets lots of votes

-reign of terror once again, but great ending for our main character!

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