Where Do You Want To Go?

This four-star assignment was really exciting for me to complete!

The instructions state: “Where is somewhere that you have always dreamed of going? I really like travelling, and I often think about where I would go if I had all the money in the world. Do a video montage of images and/or video of the places that you would like to go, and add music that is native to the that area or just something fun.”

So what did I do? I thought long and hard about a place that I would REALLY love to go to… Sanrio Land! I would love to go to Sanrio Land!

I decided to take my little happy self to VideoLeap, and grabbed a bunch of photos of Sanrio Land that I thought were really cute. I also created an intro photo that I would use at the beginning of the video, followed by all the cute photos. I added the audio of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s famous song “PonPonPon” that I downloaded off of SoundCloud, and put it all together!

Now, here are my results!

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