Final Summary

Well, here it is. The last summary of the semseter. It’s sad, isn’t it? Bittersweet, even. I had so much fun in this class.

I had a really fun time working on this week’s final project since it meant so much to me. I made my project about the way that I creatively express myself through a specific form of art: photo editing.

I am an extremely shy person of very few words, at least in person. Being able to express myself creatively through photo editing has given me the ability to communicate who I am to others in a way that words never could. My fashion style and aesthetic are both things that I am really proud of because I have put a lot of work into the person that I am today, both in my outward appearance and inside mentality.

All things aside…

I am really thankful for all of the knowledge and experience that this course has given me. I have always thought about having my own blog, so this was already exciting from the jump. On top of that, though, I gained so many valuable skills in regard to photo, video, audio, you-name-it editing! It was great! I had a really fun time working with my peers to make group projects, and honestly a lot of things were really eye-opening.

This was honestly my favorite class this semester. Actually- this year.

As always,

DS106 4 LYFE

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