Finally, it’s Over! (A Week 9 Summary)

This week was excruciating. It still is.

I had to start all of my work over from scratch after frying my computer in a completely different country, days before Spring Break started. Yeah. I nearly lost my mind.

Scratch that, I did lose my mind.

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But, it’s fine… I hope..

I got two nicely-done Daily Creates completed, which I am rather proud of and will display down below.

Very impressive for someone who is doing their work on someone else’s laptop, no?

It also took me a while to start all of my work for my project over from scratch. Mostly because I was mourning the loss of my work from the week before Spring Break, since I hadn’t even gotten the chance to post it. But it’s fine! It’s fine! Right?

I worked with my group members to come up with a plan for our show a while beforehand, and we decided that we would make our show based on what we love about art. We’d each go around interviewing others about our favorite forms of art, which I thought was an excellent idea. Except I had to start my interview all over again, and over FaceTime this time. Hopefully the quality isn’t too awful. I spoke with Daniel Walker, a student at UMW, about why movies were his favorite form of art. He actually went on for quite a while, and I was really impressed with his love for movies. It was really fun!

I also had to re-record my Mangonada commercial that I made, where I took a nice little tropical jingle along with the audio of a man sipping a drink and relaxing and turned it into a Mangonada commercial for my local Latino Market.

Thankfully, I had my radio bumper already posted, so that was easy enough to use. I worked hard on that, you know! I’m really proud of it…

Here’s a post to give you some kind of idea as to how I was working on my radio show project. It’s a good way to get some more insight on how I was thinking through the entire process.

Overall, I’m really proud of myself for working as hard as I did despite being really depressed and lacking the motivation to do anything, even to get up out of bed, this week. The loss of my laptop was really something else. It set me behind so much that I nearly gave up on all of my work. But I’m glad my group members supported me and motivated me to complete our work. We all did a great job!

Also, the final product!

One comment on “Finally, it’s Over! (A Week 9 Summary)

  • Paul says:

    I’m glad you were able to triumph in the face of adversity, even though it sucks when disaster strikes.

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