Week 10 Wrap Up!

Finally! And end to this week’s work! Let’s begin.

For my Daily Creates, I did two different and fun ones! I got to one where I came up with a fun IKEA furniture idea, and another one where I had to come up with ideas for the new DS106 Phone!

I also did two different Video Assignments worth five stars each, which I had a LOT of fun making! That is, until I didn’t. I’m not very good with video editing…

My first assignment was called “Have a Conversation With Yourself”. I had a bit of frustration with this one, but I finally got it after a bit. I had to make a video where it looked like I was having a conversation with yourself! Like, a weird clone..

My next assignment was one where I had to make a video about what I eat in a day. This one was rather fun, I got to document my meals throughout the day and realize how unhealthy my daily diet actually is. Also, you get a sneak peak at a guest star, Kevin, who I had been on FaceTime with all day. As I usually am.

I also got to make a video essay on one of my favorite movie scenes from The Room. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the movie yet, but you absolutely should! It’s one of the funniest movies I’ve seen, but I also got to make some criticism on the scene based off of things that I learned from Ebert’s essay and watching the Tony Zhou videos.

I made quite a few good comments on the scene, I recommend watching both my criticism and the film heavily.

Anyways, this week, once again, was extremely strenuous. I am tired. The semester is getting harder, it seems.. Oh well..

DS106 4 LYFE

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