Weekly Wrap Up! Week 11!

I’m really glad that this week was a rather easy one. I needed the weight lifted off of my shoulders. So let’s begin with my work for this week…

I did three different video assignments, “Today it’s All About Me“, “This is My Story“, and “Where Do You Want To Go?”

For the first one, I had to essentially talk for two straight minutes about myself. I mean, not just talk, BRAG about myself.

For “This is My Story”, I had to tell a story using flashcards only. I told a story about a beautiful girl who liked spiders. Yuck.

For “Where Do You Want To Go?”, I had to make a compilation of photos of a place where I really wanted to go and turn it into video. Of course, I chose Sanrio Land…

I did my three Daily Creates in a timely manner, which I am very happy about, since they were actually rather fun..

Anyways, I’m glad this week was more on the relaxed side. I’m looking forward to whatever next week brings me!

DS106 4 LYFE

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