A Prisoner’s Story

This story is about one of the world’s worst prisoners, told through a series of Daily Creates.

John Appleseed was a terrible person. A very bad, no good, awful man. What was his crime, you ask? Being an awful basketball player! You see, John was among the greatest basketball players of his time. At least, he was at first. He was rich, successful, and attractive! Keyword, WAS.

On the night of the most important basketball game of the CENTURY, a game that he had trained day and night for, he messed up rather severely. Earlier that week, his girlfriend had caught him cheating with another woman. She was going to break up with him, but instead gave him an ultimatum. “Either you lose the basketball game on purpose, or we’re over! You have to prove that you really love me.”

I’m not sure why she didn’t just break up with him. Oh well.

So, what does he do? He misses 100% of the shots. Absolutely ruins the team.

Of course the team finds out that he purposely lost the game of the century. So what do they do? They condemn him! They tell on him! So now he has to go to jail! He is sent to a prison meant for the worst criminals on earth, in a city called Whinyter.


It’s a damn shame, but alas, it is what it is.

In order to pass the time, given that he has been given a million-year sentence, he has decided to become a “reverse” poet. That is, he takes every single poem from the prison’s library and reverses them in order to create new poems. He does this every day. He does this all the time. He is no longer a basketball player, but rather a prisoner and a poet that have been condemned to a million years of no freedom.

Oh well.

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