DS106 Rework

For this assignment, I had to pick two assignments of my choice and basically “rework” them. I figured that it would be a good idea to choose two assignments in an area where I thought I needed a lot of improvement: design!

I’m not perfect at graphic design yet, as much as I’d like to be, so I took this as another opportunity to work on my design skills! So, let me show you what I did.

I chose my Contradiction Creation, because I figured it looked rather simple at first.. I wanted to make it more detailed and special! So… I went into Adobe Photoshop and added a lot more detail to my design. I highlighted the text in the photo with a bright blue color, as well as a border along each and every individual hamster in the photo. I also added sparkles to the photo, to make it seem all the more special. Additionally, I found. good PNG of grass to give the hamsters a nice little place to have, since I think they like grass. I’m not sure. It felt right. And at the end, we went from this…

To this!

Better, no?

I also decided to remix my Vogue Challenge assignment, since that one also felt rather bland.. I went back into Adobe Photoshop and got to work! I chose a new background for the image, a beautiful black and white photo of some classy little bridge area. Then, I took the PNG of myself that I hand-cut out of another photo and also turned that into black-and-white. I added a different “Vogue” title, a white font this time. After that, I added a new, yet similar, caption. So we went from this..

To this!

Amazing, wouldn’t you agree? I even added shadow to the PNG of myself! For an even more realistic effect!

I’m really proud of my improvement with photoshop. I’m glad I got this opportunity to work on my skills. And it turned out nicely, no?

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