Good Morning Message For The Village

“It is always such a wonderful thing to hear a bright cheery voice delivering the Good Morning Message in The Village. Why don’t you bring some joy to the day and to your fellow Residents by creating and recording a wonderful message of community and cheer. Share your audio via Soundcloud and tag it appropriately”

Now, here’s MY spin on this assignment. Tell me this isn’t the best way to wake up. This should SURELY wake anyone up, right? An entire village, even!

I started this assignment by thinking “what would REALLY wake up an entire village?”. Then, it came to me!


Yes, yes! Sirens will do! Now, what kind of music tends to have a lot of sirens?


Yes, yes! Dembow will do! Now, all I had to do was add a beautiful cheery Australian voice to the mix. Indeed, I was really excited to complete this assignment. I think it came out quite well, wouldn’t you agree? Instead of a normal “good morning”, you get a “GOOOOOOOOD MORRNINNG” type message. I’m proud of this one. I hope you are, too!

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