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So, for my final project, I sort of made an outline of what a good story idea could be. I decided I wanted to make a story about what would happen if one of the world’s most evil political figures decided to accidentally come back to life in the present day. This evil political figure, for example, Fidel Castro, would become really popular in modern-day society and end up gaining power in the political world. Obviously, people would just think that it’s a huge coincidence that they look exactly like that old evil dictator from a long time ago, so no one would suspect that they could actually be evil.

As for how I would present that story.. I’m not quite sure.

My main idea for how I’d present it would be through a radio show-type thing. Like, I’d have a couple of friends help me act the scenes out through audio and stuff. I’m not sure how long the “audio movie” would be, but I know it’ll be really fun!

I could also present it through a series of gifs combined with scripted dialogue. It would be rather hard to find a lot of gifs that would match up with my idea of the story, but maybe I could do it?

I could also come up with that same audio story but along with several drawn pictures that represent the story. Kinda like a narrated comic book? I might actually go with this one..

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  • Paul says:

    I like the narrated comic book idea. Another way to present it would be as a news site. You could set up a subdomain for a made-up news organization and have stories, videos and recordings, and maybe even pro and con editorials. They could act as fragments that add up to a larger picture of the story

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