Radio Show Progress

These couple weeks have been undoubtedly the hardest weeks to get work done.

Nevertheless, I continued on.

I worked with my two other group members, Olivia and Hailey, to make our rather impressive radio show. We planned out the entire thing before Spring Break, and successfully had a plan down with excellent details by that week. Each one of us was going to have our own little segment where we interviewed others on what their favorite form of art is. Now, given that I was out of the country for the entirety of the week I knew my work was going to be hard, but I was still going to do my best!

That is, until my computer got fried. Maybe it was the fact that my entire charger was already yellow from how burnt it was, maybe the fact that I didn’t bring a voltage converter to a different country, or maybe I was just plain out of luck. I lost my mind that entire time before and during spring break knowing that I couldn’t post any of my stuff.

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And then once I did get a replacement computer when I got home, I was too scared and ashamed to post any of my work that I avoided it completely from the anxiety. One small thing was blown completely out of proportion and now I lived with the shame of a thousand guilty men, I couldn’t even bring myself to email my professor to let him know what happened. I still haven’t.

But either way, I wasn’t going to let my group members down! I had to start my interview over again completely, but this time over FaceTime. I conducted an interview with another UMW student, Daniel Walker, about his favorite form of art. He said his favorite form of art was actually movies, which really surprised me. I don’t usually think about movies as a form of art, but when he described it I found myself completely agreeing with everything he said. Seriously, go listen to the interview whenever you get the chance.

I also re-recorded my commercial bit, which was a commercial on Mangonadas being sold at my local Latino Market down on Plank Rd. It was a bit easier to do, given that I had already done this before, but it still took a while to get everything together on a different laptop. I took a simple little tropical jingle I found online and used it as my background sound for the commercial, found an audio clip of a guy sipping a drink and audibly going “ahh”, and recorded myself promoting a delicious Mangonada! Then, I put it all together in Audacity.

It's ok, you're ok

I also recorded an introduction, which was pretty easy. “Hi, my name is Aisling!” As for my bumper, I used the one that I had previously made for an assignment just because of how good I still think it is. I worked real hard on that, you know!

Hailey put everything together on her own little audio software thingy, which I am really impressed by. I can barely work Audacity on my own as it is, let alone another even more complicated software!

At the end of the day, I am proud of myself for working as hard as I did despite getting really depressed and anxious about the unfortunate situation I had found myself in. I am also super proud of my group members for working just as hard on their part of the project! Props to them! Props to us!

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