Create A T-Shirt

“For this assignment, you get to design your very own t-shirt! Find a blank t-shirt template, then add a picture or some text. It could be a joke, a pop culture reference, a movie quote, or anything else you want.”

I found a photo of a blank T-shirt, and decided to make a design about something I’m super passionate about: Hamsters! I really do love hamsters (in theory ONLY, I can’t imagine myself owning one just yet). I figured that I would use certain design skills to cut out a photo of both myself and a hamster I found online on Photoshop, and combine them together to make an appealing article of clothing. Working on this assignment made me think about the different ways that design can be used for different purposes, in this case it would be design for articles of clothing. I think the theme of design is really important in cases like these, honestly.

2 comments on “Create A T-Shirt

  • Paul says:

    The type has an interesting quality to it, but I wonder if it’s even necessary, because the image does such a good job of getting the message across all by itself.

  • Olivia says:

    i love this!!! i wonder 100% make a shirt like this for myself and my own hamster

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