The Vogue Challenge

“For this assignment, I was inpired by Carson Berrier’s “Creat A Magazine Cover” assignment. It reminded me of the time I did the “Vogue Challenge” on Instagram a couple of months ago. The steps for this process are easy, first make sure you have and Instagram account, then proceed to take some really cool pictures, either with your phone or a camera. Then email the photo to yourself, download it and head of to Instagram. Make sure the photo has good lighting and your image is clear. Go to story section of instagram and edit your photos from your gallery. Make sure you put “Vogue” at the top in the “Times New Roman” font, add a caption or headline, and you’re ready to go!”

For this assignment, I had to find a “Vogue-quality” photo of myself. Or at least, one that was close enough to Vogue-quality. Once I found that, I took my little happy self to Photoshop, cut myself out and completely eliminated the background, and then pasted the figure of myself onto a photoshoot-style background. After that, I went to the story section of instagram and took out the new photo, then put “Vogue” at the top in the “Times New Roman” font with a new caption. What do you think?

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