Becoming a Better Photographer

“Use photos you have taken, or photos you have, as much as you can, but focus on how the images function as photographs rather than your personal connection to the subjects or events.”

A home in Corinto, El Salvador

I took this photo while I was on my trip to my motherland, El Salvador. This a photo of a home in my father’s village, Corinto. I thought the home was very beautiful and colorful, it definitely added some life to the small village. I chose a 0.5x lens to take this photo, so that I could capture the entirety of the home. This was around 12PM on a hot, sunny day. It was very bright outside and everything seemed to be beaming. I am honestly very happy with this photo, it gives a lot of insight into the homes of the people that live there. My people.

A backyard in San Salvador, El Salvador.

I took this photo after arriving to my grand uncle’s beach home in San Salvador, El Salvador. I just thought that it was a very colorful and bright setting, I really liked the amount of greenery that was present. I tried to get as much of the backyard into the photo as possible, because of how beautiful the setting was. The contrast between the blue sky and the green grass was my favorite part about this moment that I managed to capture. The lighting was just perfect, it was sunny and sweet. This photo reminds me that I would do anything to go back again.

Decameron Resort in Salinitas, El Salvador.

This is by far one of my favorite photos. It captures the nightlife in all the right ways! I was in one of El Salvador’s most popular all-inclusive resorts, Decameron Resort in Salinitas. Facing the camera is the two-story open buffet restaurant, that opens at three different times thrice a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The grand lighting coming from inside the restaurant really gives this photo a nice touch. The amount of people, too, make this photo all the more better. I’d like to think of myself as a real good camerawoman just for this photo alone.

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