“Using Adobe photoshop or a comporable program, create a clipping mask with text. Use an image from earth or grass and use the lasso or selection tool to add blades of grass outside the mask. Add a drop shadow or bugs to make it appear more realistic. “

I’m pretty decent with photoshop, obviously not the best, but this is my attempt at this visual assignment. Definitely put my photoshop skills to practice!

For this, I had to find a picture of grass first. Obviously, I went through TOO MANY pictures upon pictures of grass to find the “perfect” one. I’m satisfied, to say the least. After that, I had to go into Photoshop and manually cut out every single letter, and then paste them all onto a nice little background that seemed fitting. I also added a cute lil sticker onto the “H” to give it that extra touch! Not to mention, I added shadows to each letter and sticker in order to add ‘depth’. This was rather time-consuming and a bit tedious, but I did it! It wasn’t easy, but it’s here.

One comment on “Earth

  • Amy says:

    I kept seeing this assignment and wanted to attempt, but it seemed so hard. You did a really good job! I also love the background.

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