It’s Dead, Jim

“For this writing assignment, please describe a time in which you felt that your life might have been better if you had never laid eyes upon a computer because of some digital loss that you suffered.”

Imagine this. It’s the third week of class, you’re in your Spring semester of your sophomore year and you’ve enrolled yourself into a Digital Storytelling class. That’s me. Now, this class is asynchronous, meaning that everything is strictly ONLINE. Which of course, could go one of two ways: either you succeed with flying colors, or absolutely let everything go and ruin your entire academic career in this course. Mind you, my goal is always to succeed. That is, until I was babysitting and got milk spilled onto my laptop. I almost lost my mind trying to fix it. I tried patting it down with a towel, putting it in rice, putting it upside down, using a hairdryer. It was no use. I waited days while my time to finish assignments ran out. The anxiety was excruciating. I never realized how important it was to have access to the internet. At this moment, I desperately wished I was born in 500 B.C. Now, the day that my assignments are due, I managed to borrow my great aunt’s laptop, and I am desperately trying to complete everything on time. It’s no fun. My outlook on life has definitely changed from this experience. I realize now the sheer amount of power and capabilities that I have from owning a computer. I can do anything I want, achieve whatever goal I yearn for, access whatever information I need and more from owning a computer. Having access to the internet is like having a superpower. It also made me think about the children in my own home country who do not have access to these resources, things that are so valuable yet taken so much for granted where I live. The power of technology is indescribable, and I hope that one day we can ALL have access to it. My advice to others from this experience: DON’T let children near your precious devices. Cherish your access to the internet, for with great technology, comes even greater power.

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