“In the next 20 minutes, try to capture as many of the photo ideas listed as you can.”


First photo with the time and the list!

A photo of a toy in action!
Photo of a manufactured product and at least one of its elements.
Forced Perspective – A giant box of pens.
Someone’s hand.
A picture of confusion. Confusing, right?
Someone else’s artwork with a twist to make it mine!
My most prized possession!

Final time!

This was a really exciting challenge! I had fun trying to get everything done on time, even though I really didn’t think that I was going to be able to. I went through a bunch of rounds before I was actually able to get a set where I was able to take all the photos in time. It was definitely a race against time, and a fun one at that. Especially the forced perspective photo – I really had to work to get the right angle and everything for that one. Props to my dad for the hand picture though, even if his hand is almost as big as my entire keyboard. It was fun getting to use other people for this activity. I even got to make dad dig up some of his old gundam toys for one of these pictures (I didn’t even know he was into those!). Ultimately, this was a fun challenge that really made me think about my surroundings and how to capture them.

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