Radio Show Ideas

Here are a few radio show ideas that I think could be quite useful!

  1. I think we should have some sort of storytelling show, but more in a gossip-y sense. If we all shared some kind of chisme (tea) for a good 20-30 minutes for a radio show, I’m sure that a ton of people would be interested! I mean, we could definitely sort it out by category of chisme or maybe even take requests!
  2. Maybe another idea could be storytelling but in terms of embarrassing childhood moments, where we take submissions from other people in regards to embarrassing stories from their own childhoods. I honestly think this is one of my favorite ideas.
  3. We could also have a radio show for bedtime stories! I know it seems a bit childish, but my bedtime is normally at 7:30-8PM (Mind you, I wake up around 4AM to start getting work done) so having some bedtime stories around 8PM to listen to would definitely be nice.
  4. Any kind of storytelling!
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2 comments on “Radio Show Ideas

  • Emma says:

    I love all of the ideas you came up with, they seem super entertaining!

  • Brianna DAlbis says:

    I do like some good chisme! Would need some parameters on who the chisme is about, but then I think you would be good to go. I also like the embarrassing stories idea because it goes along with the react channels on TikTok and YouTube that are really popular right now.

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