Week 1 Reflection

This week was really interesting in regards to this class. I learned a lot of things about how to create and share media that I did not know previously, and I’m so excited to learn more! I made used accounts for this blog, for example: a new twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, and even YouTube!

Here’s some of the social media that I managed to embed within this website:

This is my Instagram, where I post uniquely edited photos of myself that represent my style and aesthetic!
My Twitter, which I will use for the purpose of this course.
My SoundCloud, which contains a lot of my music tastes.
The kinds of YouTube videos that I typically watch, since I LOVE Rilakkuma stuff!

I learned how to create this website, how to customize it, embed media, create other social media, among many other things that I never would have thought I could have done! It was a rather long and difficult process since English is my second language and a lot of the terms and vocabulary that I needed to create this website, so it took me a long time to fully grasp the things that I needed to do. The process of making blog posts was actually the hardest part, I wasn’t sure at all how to make them, much less even make them visible and accessible on my website. Eventually, with help of YouTube tutors, I got the hang of things. The entire process of making and adding tags to my posts drove me insane, it was almost impossible for a solid three hours until I found the perfect YouTube video explaining how to complete the process. I am just glad that I finally got it done with! My favorite part of this week was being able to customize my website as well as being able to fully express myself through the media that I posted onto my website, which made me extremely excited. In most of my classes, this is not something that we particularly get to do often, or at all. I love being able to express myself through images and media in my website.

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  • Paul says:

    It is quite a challenge to get through everything at first, but once you work through it, it gets much easier. The Digital Knowledge Center (https://dkc.umw.edu/) is a good source for help, if you get stuck. You accomplished a lot this week!

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