Week 2

This week was pretty difficult, but I got a lot done! I managed to complete three unique assignments that really inspired me and made me think inside of myself for a moment. It was a nice break from the usual STEM stuff that I do, which was extremely difficult and mind-boggling. I completed an Event Poster for a fake event, a Bucket List of things I want to do, and a Self Wellness Check!

I also completed quite a few Daily Creates, which were really fun and creative! I enjoyed each prompt, it was a nice way to get my creative and imaginative juices flowing.

I also had a great time looking at other people’s blogs and commenting on their posts! It was nice to see everyone else’s creativity, too! I was really inspired. I definitely felt a lot more connected to my peers after that, rather than just seeing them as other “posts” on the same website, I was able to really see them as other peers with intricate thoughts and ideas that they are putting into their website, just like me! If this is just the beginning, then I’m so excited for the rest of the semester in this class!

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