Week 4 Summary

This week was a bit more difficult, BUT, fun nonetheless!

One of the assignments I had to do was this “Become A Better Photographer” assignment. I essentially sort of analyzed some photos that I had previously taken from a photographer’s perspective, not just an emotional perspective. I had a fun time doing this, it gave me a chance to reminisce on my trip to the motherland (El Salvador, of course)!

Next, I participated in a “Photoblitz” assignment. I essentially had to take 7 specific photos of 7 specific things within 20 minutes! It was definitely a race against time, and even though I felt rather rushed, I had fun acknowledging my surroundings on a deeper level.

Now, as for my Visual Assignments, I did quite a bit this time!

The Forrest Gump Project“. Worth a good 3.5 stars, and I had one hell of a fun time making this! Essentially, I had to photoshop myself into a photo of a historical moment.

Yeah. That’s me right there.

Another assignment, “Make That Money“. Worth another 3.5 stars. Basically, give George Washington a makeover on a dollar bill. Personally, this was another one of my favorites. You can’t tell me it doesn’t look amazing, right? Another successful photoshop adventure!

Another one “Multiply Yourself“, worth 4 shiny stars. I essentially had to multiply myself, quite literally, in photoshop. This was my fun little twist on it! Personally, I think I went above and beyond this time. Cute, right?

Next assignment! “Earth“! Worth a WHOPPING 5 stars! And done rather well, wouldn’t you say? I had to create a clipping using a photo of grass or a field to make out words, with a pretty background.


Now.. As for the Daily Creates~!

This week was great, honestly. I was once again, overwhelmed, because I’ve had TOO many exams this week in a row. I know, I know.. I’ll get better time management, I swear! But I really did enjoy the way I was able to expand on my visual creativity this week and practice my photoshop skills, as well as really delve into photography and learn more about it. I definitely learned quite a lot about photos that I normally would never have thought about before. I also had a great time commenting and peeking through other people’s posts, I got a good amount of inspiration from them.

Either way, this week was a productive one. And a good one, at that.

DS106 4 LYFE

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