Your Character’s Past

My Character’s Past

My host character is a fourteen year old boy. Unfortunately, he is chronically online, and he has been for a really long time. Ever since he got his first laptop at the age of five, and his first phone at the age of seven, his unrestricted access to the internet has ruined his perception on society. His childhood is fine in regards to the way his parents treat him. They’re not abusive, or overprotective, they just kind of let him be. 

He’s much too grown for his age in all the wrong ways. After encountering 4Chan at the ripe age of 12, you can imagine how much damage that might do to a child’s brain. He has become indescribably malicious, a child full of hatred and disgust for all things his age. All the decisions he made of encountering evil strangers on the internet has entirely warped his poor little mind, and now he is cursed with the memories of many, many things that he should not have seen at his age. Of course, he has become extremely desensitized.

This is the power of the internet. More specifically, the power of unrestricted access to the internet. Now, he spends most of his days reading passages of random books to odd strangers he finds on 8Chan online in exchange for fractions of bitcoin (which, mind you, is still a lot). He realizes the sheer amount of power that he has been given, how valuable his young age is to warped individuals online, and how he can use them to his benefit. 

And his parents will never know. 

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