Today it’s All About Me

This two-and-a-half star assignment was actually one of my favorite video assignments that I had to complete.

The instructions read: “Make a video and brag about yourself for at least two minutes. The point of this is not to make your head so big that it explodes but to build your self-esteem. Don’t brag about your children, your pets, or anything outside of you. You don’t have to dress up for this, in fact it would be better to roll out of bed and make the video. You can start off small with “I once had a good hair day like two years ago” It might help to make a list beforehand so that you can film the two minutes all at the same time. Yes, you are amazing. Tell everyone why..”

Now, let me specify… It never says to actually tell the truth in this assignment, no?

Indeed, indeed! At the end of the day, what I had to do was brag about myself! Whether or not the truth was spoken doesn’t matter at all!

So, I took my little happy self to VideoLeap and got to working. I made an intro photo that I paired along with the two-minute video of me bragging about myself, and this is what I made:

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