Week 6 Wrap Up!

Well, well, well…. This week was rather interesting! I had fun!

Let’s begin with my Design Assignments!

For my first Design Assignment, I decided to go with The Vogue Challenge! Basically, you had to take a nice vogue-worthy photo of yourself and make it look like you were on the cover of Vogue! Here’s my attempt:

After that, I completed my favorite assignment: Contradiction Creation. I had to make a design with a statement that completely contradicted its background, so of course, I made it about my very favorite thing in the whole world! Yes, indeed, I made it about hamsters! Just look!

So cute!

For the next Design Assignment, I did the Create A T-Shirt Assignment! I thought this was super cute and interesting, so I somehow also managed to make this assignment about hamsters again. Just look!

Aside from my Design Assignments, I also completed a DesignBlitz! I went around DC and took a bunch of really good photos that displayed different elements of design, such as Color, Balance, Typography, and Minimalism! This was actually a rather hard assignment, given that I was REALLY picky about the kind of quality of photos I figured would be DesignBlitz-worthy. Here’s a couple!

For another assignment, I got to write a reflection on my design thoughts after reading a couple of really interesting articles on the use of design. These articles really made me think about the way that design shapes our entire worldview, our economy, and especially ourselves. Design is everywhere and it is inescapable. From the carpet that I am laying on to use the keyboard I am typing on to complete the assignment inside the dorm I am staying in within the university I attend that is in the city I live in, every single thing has been purposely designed.

I also completed my Daily Creates rather promptly this week, and I am rather happy about them! For one, I had to make a greeting card out of a photo taken by a Mars Rover, another where I had to create a dialogue for two characters in a photo inside an unfinished plane, and another one where I had to post about an “ordinary miracle” in my life!

Overall, this week was pretty decent. I have been extremely overwhelmed this week with the amount of work and studying I have, given that midterms are coming up, so I felt rather pressured with this week’s assignments. On the other hand, I learned a LOT of useful stuff about design that will definitely be extremely useful to me in the future. I’m really glad that I got to learn this much about design, it really made me think deeply about just how deeply rooted design is in our society. Honestly, I’m not even complaining, but it’s an almost overwhelming realization. Oh well!

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