Week Twelve Wrap Up! Yay!

Finally! An end to this week! I am so relieved!

While I did have fun doing these assignments, they were also quite the handful this week…

Let us begin!

I started off with my Mashup Assignments, both totaling a whopping eight stars!

My first Mashup assignment, named Photo Mash, I had to create a photo where I would add two separate actors into a single photo setting and make it seem as if they were meant to be there. So, I chose the most dramatic place I could think of. A Hispanic baby shower. It may not seem like it, but I’ve seen many a tia throw hands at those..

For my second Mashup assignment, named Holiday Mashup, I had to choose three of my favorite holidays and mash them all up into one mascot! So, I chose Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and Easter! Tell me this isn’t the cutest little mascot you’ve ever seen?

Now.. My Remix Assignments..

My first Remix Assignment, named “Tattoo That Describes You [Remixed]: Yo Mama“, I had to design a tattoo that I thought accurately represented who I am… While also adding a “Yo Mama” joke into the mix… Interesting, no?

My second Remix assignment, named “Favorite Movie Quote [REMIXED]: Uncle Bob“, I had to present a photo from one of my favorite movies, High School Musical, along with one of my favorite quotes from said movie… And then… I had to add a random person, that had absolutely NOTHING to do with the movie, into that photo! It didn’t make sense at first, but.. It’s kind of funny now that I look at it. I like it and that’s all that matters, right?

And finally, my Daily Creates! I did three this week. Here’s one of my favorites:

The weeks are getting harder… Finals are coming up.. I’m barely getting through this.. Wish me luck…

DS106 4 LYFE

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